Lakes Tai Chi - Tai Chi and Qigong in the Lake District and North Lancashire​


Contact us to book on our popular courses​​
​Sunday 9th December 2018
11am – 3.30pm (buffet at 1pm)
Do join us for a day of led tai chi & qigong, guest teachers and demonstrations.
Anyone who has ever attended a class or workshop with us is welcome.
Cost: please bring something for the buffet, plus small donation to cover the cost of the room.
Please let Dee or John know if you intend to come.  


Sunday 17th February 2pm-5pm 
Quieten the mind and learn this set of mindful movements to
harmonise the five organs, and bring the body into balance.
Open to all and beginners welcome.
 Refreshments provided.
Cost - £25 (or £20 if booked & paid by 31st January)

Saturday 9th March 11am - 4pm
Brigsteer Village Hall LA8 8AL

The course will build up from basics using the shield,
and then add the broadsword techniques
which the shield usually accompanies.
Suitable for those with some Tai Chi experience,
or experience of a related art.
The type of shield used for this training is a lightweight bamboo wushu shield.
Advance booking essential, because of numbers of shields available.
Bring a packed lunch; drinks, fruit & biscuits provided.
Cost £40 (or £10 reduction, if you bring your own shield -
available through Playwell Martial Arts)


Tai Chi - Meditation in Motion
 Our aim is to provide a balanced practice using  t'ai chi principles that can be applied to all areas of life.  

Yang and Chen style T'ai Chi - hand forms
 Qigong for health
Meditation and Philosophy
Sword, Sabre, Staff, Fan, Flute, Halberd 
Bagua and HsingYi

We offer classes and seminars in the South Lakes, Cumbria and North Lancashire area
Windermere, Kendal, Ambleside, Arnside, Broughton in Furness, Milnthorpe, Warton.
A friendly welcome assured to beginners who would like to try Tai Chi or Qigong. 

Senior Instructors: Dee Swift and John Bolwell

John Bolwell 
(Hon. President Tai Chi Union of Great Britain) is one of the most experienced teachers and practitioners in Britain. He has over 40 years martial and healing arts experience. He has been a full time teacher for most of those years with Pennine T'ai Chi, and was a founder member of the
Tai Chi and Qigong Forum for Health. 

Dee Swift 
(Senior Instructor TCUGB) has been a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher for more than 20 years, 
most of that time in the Lake District and Cumbria. She has taught many other Tai Chi teachers on the Certificate in Tai Chi for Health course - for the Tai Chi and Qigong Forum for Health
- and the other teachers who are listed on this website. 

John and Dee were married in 2009 and both continue to share their enthusiasm
and skills in Tai Chi and Qigong.

Registered Instructors: Mike Leese, Steve Tomlinson and David Redmore
Mike, Steve and David are registered instructors with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain,
each with more than ten years experience.
Mike's classes are open to all based in the Furness area,
Steve's to those in the Ambleside and Windermere area.
​David's to those in the Lancaster area.
Our teachers are members of the TCUGB and are fully insured.

  1. Long Tassel Sword Practice
    John Bolwell has a particular interest in tai chi weapons, and teaches sword, sabre, broadsword, staff, halberd, spear and fan, as well as double weapons and some lesser known tai chi weapons such as the flute. Contact us if you want to know more.
  1. Tai Chi Hand Form
    Tai Chi Hand Form
    Practice of movements from the form on one of our Partnerwork days.
  2. Bagua
    Guest teacher Allen Pitman during a Wisdom of the Body and Bagua seminar.
Meditation in Motion